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Genuine Mineral Science Scalar Energy Pendant 

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Scalar energy has always existed – since the beginning of time – however, it’s only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it.

Mineral Science Scalar Energy Pendants are embedded with permanent Scalar Energy using Proprietary Scalar Energy Embedding Technology (P-SET).

The main frequencies embedded are 7.8Hz - 8Hz range and 12 Hz. These two Scalar Energy frequencies are amongst the most beneficial to the human body.

Once embedded, the scalar energy will remain in the product forever. There is no other scalar energy pendant works like Mineral Science Pendant.



Mineral Science  Scalar Energy Pendant

Volcanic Mineral conceal in a stainless steel casing making Mineral Science  Scalar Energy Pendant

 more stylish, water resist, unbreakable, durable and avoiding energy ruin due to oxidation.


Almost everyone who holds this beautiful MST Scalar Energy Pendant feels the energy from it;

Mineral Science  Scalar Energy Pendant contain 100% pure Volcanic Lava and profesionally

tested FREE from Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), Mercury (Hg) and Cadmium (Cd).


By wearing a Mineral Science  Scalar Energy pendant all the time, you will be feeling of peace and calm.

you are simply effortlessly raising your vibratory frequency, directly connecting you to your higher self.


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