MST pendant

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                              Genuine Mineral Science Technology

                                         Scalar Energy Pendant

                                Market by MST Marketing, Malaysia                                 


                   Front side 43mm stainless steel casing,           Rear side 43 stainless steel  casing                      

                   with stainless steel chain and  hook                 engrave with Mineral Science Technology

                   showing genuine MST design.                         & MST serial number.   



MST Scalar Energy Pendants,  43mm diameter .

Volcanic Minerals conceal in stainless steel casing to avoid energy ruin

due to oxidation process.



Best  selling MST scalar Energy Pendant, conceal in stainless steel casing,

unbreakable, water resist and long lasting energy

Genki anti radiation phone sticker, containing volcanic  mineral. 

To be stick on mobile phone, lap top, computer, TV, micro wave oven, blue tooth device. 




Stick the MST anti radiation phone sticker onto the mobile phone to reduce the radiation.


All MST pendant come with an authenticity card to ensure the quality of MST product.



 Background is 13.5Km Korean built Penang Bridge,

linking beautiful Penang Island to main land of Malaysia

I AM FROM    P E N A N G ,    M A L A Y S I A