MST Scalar Energy Pendant, product of Malaysia



Almost everyone who holds this beautiful

MST Scalar Energy Pendant

feels the energy from it !



MST Scalar Energy Pendant contain 100% pure Volcanic Lava

 and profesionally tested by SGS Laboratary, the minerals used are

FREE from Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), Mercury (Hg) and Cadmium (Cd)


By wearing a MST Scalar Energy pendant all the time, 

you will be feeling of peace of mind and calm.

You are simply effortlessly raising your vibratory frequency,

directly connecting you to your higher self.


Scalar Energy Pendant utilizes specialized quantum physics,

geometry and vibration harnessing technologies to help synergize

the power of the human body's bio-energy system and allows it

to run with optimum performance. Known as chi, 

or life force energy in some cultures , it runs through meridian points in our body.




In modern life, we need Scalar Energy to fight against

the Impact of electromagnetic waves which is harmful to us:



Researchers carried out by the world health organization have proven the harmful side effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body and what it can cause, as stress , nervousness , dormancy and pain especially low back pain , neck pain , shoulder pain , muscle and joint pains .

Nowadays we can't neglect the new technology that has changed our life style a lot , like using mobile phone, computers ,TV's , microwaves and other electric devices in addition to the hazards of mobile phone network and and high voltage electric network.

Japan as a giant in science and technology & because they use unusual methods to deal with problems have reached "Scalar energy" as one of the best solutions to protect the human against the harmful side effects of electro-magnetic waves

Our new life style has forced us to a new way of living away from physical activities and sport practice and that has led to spreading of diseases like obesity ,diabetes ,hypertension, heart failure and ischemia . All these diseases have a negative impact on the blood circulation which is considered the base for a good health.

What can MST pendant do ?

  • Absorbs the harmful electromagnetic waves.

  • Improves blood circulation and helps increase blood flow.

  • Increases the body immunity.                          

  • Maintains balance of the nervous system .

  • Helps you get rid of nervousness and helps you relax .

  • Helps you go into deep sleeping ( treatment insomnia sleep ) .

  • Increases concentration and focusing .

  • Reduce the neck and back pain, arthritis pain and rheumatism and muscle and joint pains .

  • Help in the treatment of back pain, neck and shoulder, arthritis, rheumatism and treatment of weak nerves .         

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