MST pendant

Auras are a type of electromagnetic energy emitted by all living things    (including plants).

This energy surounds our bodies. You can be told if your  auric energy level is in balanced or  unbalanced. This aura imaging system is an Interactive Multimedia Biofeedback system based on the principles of Biofeedback and color Psychology.

The aura test will shows the aura head  shot of a person, it will display the chakra activity graph, energy level and give a overview of how our energies are distributed between BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

We have carried out the aura imaging test on MST Scalar Energy pendant, report shown that by wearing a MST pendant,

 it helps to improve and balance our energy level for BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. The aura image shown different colors of aura if you wear a MST Scalar Energy Pendant. 



The aura imaging images

shown before wearing a MST Scalar Energy Pendant

The   images below  are taken from an AURA IMAGING SYSTEMS without wearing a MST Scalar Energy Pendant .

Aura Imaging test without wearing a MST Scalar Energy Pendant,

The first AURA shown before wearing a MST scalar energy  is in GREEN spectrum

or auric energy.

It  records energy distribution of


for Body


for Mind


for Spirit

  • The auric energy for Body recorded  23.38 % is an average Aura level .
  • The auric energy for Mind  recorded  59.17 % is too high in Aura level .
  • The auric energy for  Spirit recorded 17.45% is too low in Aura level.







A second aura test is carried out by wearing a MST scalar energy pendant .

The Aura color changed from GREE to BLUE. 

The aura imaging images

shown while  wearing a MST Scalar Energy Pendant



In this second test, the aura image change to BLUE color while wearing a MST Scalar Energy pendant, a BLUE spectrum or


The auric energy from body is indicate a much more balance of the auric energ


34.21% for



 The aura level for Body is balanced

27.88% for


The aura level for Mind is balanced

37.91% for


The aura level for Spirit  is balanced




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